Interior / Exterior Residential Painting in the Denver Area

Allegro interior painters are trusted journeymen, all crew leaders can communicate with customers. Once we arrive the first thing we do is walk the job with the customer and assigned painters. When everybody is on the same page, work will begin.


With most interior jobs the enemy is dust… we completely cover everything with plastic, tape and painters drop cloths, many times we install a plastic zipper door for complete containment. Any interior sanding will be done with a FesTool Hepa vac dustless system. For our “shop” we will need a small space (usually garage) to keep materials and tools for the duration of the project. We look forward to working with you!


slider5 Every job has variables with that said we usually start with pressure washing, at this time we will clean and flush gutters. When ready repairs and preparation will begin. Cracks and gaps will be filled with caulking and major imperfections filled with automotive bondo. In most cases we will spray the body and do the trim by hand. The main thing I want to get across is we will use the best method for the situation. Always taking care of landscaping and plants/flowers to minimize our impact. Our day starts at 7am sharp with a 10min break at 10 o’clock. Lunch break is 12 to 12:30 with our last 10min break at 2 o’clock. We will finish at 3:30 leaving enough time usually 15min or so for clean up. This can be modified if needed, we maintain this schedule until the job is done.